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How Office 2010 uses Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Office 2010 offers you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work on your computer and via a Web browser. Silverlight powers interactive experiences on, in Office Web applications, in SharePoint, and in downloadable programs that will help you use Office.

Silverlight enriches your Office 2010 experience by…

Taking to the next level is the one-stop-shop for Office customers who are looking for help, training, templates, images, and downloads.  Silverlight brings interactive content to life, providing customers with compelling and informative videos, training, and downloadable interactive guides. Get a different level of online experience with Office Online.

Bringing the Office experience to the Web

Office Web Applications make your documents available to you wherever you are. Using a smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection, you can access online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to create, edit, and share your work. Installing Silverlight enables beautiful visual effects and clear, crisp text at all zoom levels in Office 2010 Web Applications.   Enjoy the highest quality of the familiar Office experience on the Web.

Powering SharePoint galleries

SharePoint 2010 offers Web site collections called “galleries” that help you find solutions for customizing your SharePoint Web site. Silverlight powers these galleries as well as the Web site video and interactive data visualization mash-up components. Find and customize your Sharepoint solutions quickly.

Displaying Visio and PerformancePoint diagrams on the Web

With its powerful vector-based rendering, Silverlight presents Visio and PerformancePoint diagrams on the Web with full fidelity . Export your Visio and Performance Point data.

Smoothing the transition to Office 2010

Use the Silverlight-powered, Office .com interactive guides to smooth your transition from an older version of Microsoft Office to Office 2010. Access these guides online or download them to your desktop to learn how older commands translate to the Office Ribbon. Learn how to work with the new Office 2010 ribbon user interface

Making collaboration easy

Silverlight powers two essential Office Communicator 2010 features: application-sharing and whiteboarding. If you are developing a sharing and collaboration application or building a Web site, you can use these Silverlight features for your projects. Quickly communicate and share information.

Enabling Rapid Application Development

Silverlight developers use rapid application development techniques to create next generation applications for Microsoft Office desktop and Web products. Using Visual Studio and Expression Studio, teams can save up to 70% of their development cycles while delivering modern and compelling user experiences.